Family Promise of Midland has a new administrative assistant.

Family Promise of Midland will certainly miss Tina Mocksfield, our current administrative assistant.  Tina was our first A.A. and defined the position.  She has done an exceptional job for Family Promise and has really helped in improving Family Promise and the services we provide.  I can unequivocally state that she treated all of the families as if they were a part of her own.  She is retiring to spend more time with her grandchildren.  Her grandchildren are certainly lucky to have her in their lives!!  Her last day will be May 31, 2017.   Thank you Tina for all you’ve done!

We’ve hired Madeline “Maddie” Street to fill Tina’s vacated position.  She is from College Station, TX and just graduated with a Master of Science in Business from Texas A&M.   Her Bachelor’s degree is in Science in Sports Management.  She will start on Thursday, May 25th and shadow Tina for 4 days.  She has a lot of enthusiasm, energy, positive attitude, knowledge, and is very Tech Savvy!  I see her very capable of uplifting our marketing strategies to a new level and pulling in many more millennials.  We’re excited to have her join our “family” and KNOW she’s going to do a FANTASTIC job!  Welcome Maddie!

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