To qualify for services from Family Promise of Midland:

1.  A person(s) must be homeless and have at least 1 child under the age of 18 years.

We may make an exception for a single female who is homeless and is pregnant with no other children.  This will be done on a case-by-case basis.

In Midland, TX we define homeless as:

Not being able to find a place to live; not being able to afford a place to live; you are living with friends or relatives; you’re living in a hotel/motel; in another shelter;  in your car; or out on the street.

All potential guests of Family Promise of Midland are required to go through an intake process.  Only about 40% of families who apply are accepted into our program.  You must be committed to improving your  life and be willing to work hard and follow rules.

The intake process:

1.  Call (432-218-7630 or 432-688-7710) to set up an appointment for a pre-screening interview.  The interview will be about 45 minutes.  The program and mission of Family Promise will be explained to you.

2.  Arrive to your appointment on time.

3.  IF the program is something you are interested in after the pre-screening and it is determined your family is a “good fit” for Family Promise, you will be required to wait 1 day before calling back.  During that day, ALL adult family members will have a background check done on them.  Nothing excludes a family immediately on the background check except for a sex-offense.  We do not allow sex offenders into our program because of the family nature of the program.  The 1 day also allows you and your family to think about the program and to determine if it’s right for you.

4.  After the 1 day waiting period, if a family is still interested in the program, they call our Day Center (432-218-7630) to set up a final interview.  This interview takes approximately 30 minutes.  We talk about the family’s goals and discuss their current finances.

5.  At the end of the final interview, if it looks like an appropriate match between Family Promise and the family, any member of the family that is of  jr. high school (7th grade and above) age is required to have a free drug screening completedWe do NOT accept any current users into the program.  The drug screening results take approximately 36-48 hours to be returned, at which time if they are clean, we set up a date and time for the family to enter the program if a vacancy exists.  IF there is no vacancy, the family will be put on a waiting list and when a vacancy occurs, the family will be contacted.

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