Families Forward Transitional Housing

In 2012, the United Way of Midland announced that it was committing $1 million over the next 3 years to work in collaboration with Family Promise of Midland to bring transitional housing to Midland, TX. Under the direction and supervision of the Boards of Directors of the United Way of Midland and Family Promise of Midland, the first of several homes has been purchased to move families toward greater permanency.

To date, we have 3 duplexes families call “home”.  A summary of the Families Forward program follows:

Through the Families Forward Transitional Housing Program, Family Promise of Midland (FPM) works with families that have participated in Midland Interfaith Hospitality Network (MIHN), but are in need of continued rental subsidy, additional support, and case management services. The mission of Families Forward is to equip families to become self-sufficient and independent.

The following procedures are in place to maximize the opportunity for families to succeed:

Qualifications for Admission:

1. Families who are currently receiving case management services through a community organization may apply.
2. The family must have guardianship of at least one child, age 17 years or younger, living with them.
3. All adults MUST be employed or going to school at time of referral. While in the program, all adults are required to be gainfully employed. If employed part-time, the adult must also be enrolled in school. Referrals for families whose sole income is disability income, child support, or TANF (Temporary Assistance For Needy Families) will NOT be accepted.
4. The family must have independent transportation from Family Promise of Midland’s services.
5. Families MUST complete a written application obtained through Family Promise of Midland.
6. Background checks and drug screenings will be conducted on all persons 16 years of age and older prior to being accepted. Testing positive for a substance on the drug screening will be grounds for denial into the program.

Process for Admission:

1. Family submits completed application to the case manager of Family Promise of Midland.
2. The case manager will contact the applicant to set-up a “face-to-face” interview, reviewing the application and outlining the program.
3. The case manager will then submit the application to the Executive Director of Family Promise of Midland for review.
4. The executive director of Family Promise will forward a copy of the application to the Families Forward Admissions Committee members via electronically for their review.
5. The executive director of Family Promise will schedule an Admissions Committee meeting within 15 business days of forwarding the application to committee members.
6. The case manager of Family Promise of Midland will contact the applicant to notify him/her of the time of the Admissions Committee meeting. The entire family is REQUIRED to attend the Admissions Committee meeting.
7. Notwithstanding extenuating circumstances, the Admissions Committee will render an acceptance decision immediately following the family’s departure from the meeting.
8. The case manager of Family Promise of Midland will notify the applicant(s) of the decision of the Admissions Committee within 5 business days of the meeting.

Requirements of Families While In The Families Forward Program (Additional requirements are outlined in the ‘ Families Forward Transitional Housing Program Agreement’):

1. A security deposit equal to the first month’s program fees will be required prior to occupancy.
2. Families will pay a program fee by the 5th day of each month in the following amounts:
$450 per month if staying in a 2 bedroom unit
$550 per month if staying in a 3 bedroom unit
3. Work in cooperation with a case manager on goals moving toward self-sufficiency and independence. The family is required to make contact with the case manager at least once per week.
4. All families will complete a financial literacy course (i.e. budgeting, credit repair, etc.) and create a personal financial plan.
5. Families may be assigned to complete other courses (i.e. “boundaries” – healthy relationships; parenting; resource education; home ownership; counseling; physical/mental health; legal issues (including wills); nutrition; etc.) at the expense of Family Promise of Midland.
6. Attend at least one monthly meeting with other guests of Family Promise of Midland.
7. Work full-time, attend school full-time, or a combination thereof.
8. Families’ “Guest” status will be re-evaluated every 3 months with written outcomes.
9. No pets of any kind are allowed.
10. Families may have the opportunity to be guests of the Families Forward program for up to 18 months, with a possible extension of another 6 months.

Outcomes (as appropriate for each family):

1. Increased financial and budgeting knowledge (pre & post tests administered)
2. Increased family income.
3. Decreased family debt.
4. Increased family savings.
5. Families obtain income and budgeting skills sufficient to obtain and sustain suitable housing.

Further questions regarding the Families Forward transitional housing program may be directed to Nicole Wiseman, case manager, at 432-218-7630.

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