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Volunteers in “host” congregations accommodate families as their guests for meals and to stay overnight in rooms at their facilities. Often children’s activities and/or help with homework is given. Families know they can rest in a family setting for work and school.

Volunteers in “support” congregations assist families by providing for such activities as meal preparations, activities, overnight stay, cleanup, and weekend work. Volunteers are needed in the office for administrative work, special projects, sorting and storage of donations, fundraising and solicitation of daily necessities such as detergent and disposable diapers as well as collections of household items used to help families to set up housekeeping when they move out.

Each congregation that host families may have as many as sixty volunteers working during host week. During the year, the congregation will log more than a thousand hours providing the basic set up, take down and moving of beds; shopping, preparing and serving food; driving the van when the driver is off; washing towels and linens; planning and phoning to organize the team for the week; repairs and cleaning; training and record keeping as well as the overnight and weekend hosting.

Volunteers find many ways of supporting families in their efforts to become important; however, their most important service is most often “just being there” to lend a compassionate ear or play with the children to give the parents a break at the end of a long and difficult day.

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